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10 reasons why you should choose a HEALTH & SPA - Premium Hotels



HEALTH & SPA - Premium Hotels are a quality selection of exquisite 4- and 5-star hotels specialising in health… and wellness.  And this is why they are the perfect choice for you:


  • Dream locations: All hotels are located in the most stunning spots in Austria.  Whether the view is of snow-capped mountains, tranquil lakes, fragrant orchards or ancient castles, the natural beauty of your surroundings will captivate you.


  • Wellness facilities: HEALTH & SPA - Premium Hotels in Austria are renowned for quality interiors.  You’ll find spacious wellness facilities crafted from wood and natural stone, generous meditation and fitness zones with panoramic views, natural fabrics and furniture and warm and cosy relaxation rooms.


  • Exercise: Sport is an essential part of a good holiday, but it should be fun and not too demanding.  The HEALTH & SPA - Premium Hotels inclusive programme offers Nordic walking, aqua aerobics, back care classes and much more, all supervised by qualified trainers.


  • Active relaxation: The HEALTH & SPA - Premium Hotel programme is designed to help you find harmony of mind and body.  Relaxation and stress-management trainers help to relieve your muscle tension and free you from mental and physical stress.


  • Nutrition for health: The food does not just taste good at these hotels, it is good for you too!  That’s because HEALTH & SPA - Premium Hotels take great care to choose regional and seasonal produce and wholefoods, which are always fresh, organic and energizing.


  • Detoxing & purifying: If you wish, you can follow a diet or detox regime under medical supervision and with all-day supervision.


  • Face and body care: The focus is on inner beauty rather than just cosmetics.  Experience treatments that soothe your soul, but also improve hair and complexion.  Lie back and enjoy time for you.


  • Strict quality control: Member hotels must attain exacting standards in every area.


  • Good value.  At HEALTH & SPA - Premium Hotels you simply get more for your money.  Highest quality at reasonable prices is a matter of course.


  • Enduring feel-good factor. The HEALTH & SPA - Premium Hotels experience will enrich your holiday.  Take home good memories, new friendships and long lasting health benefits.



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